Smelt Pre-releases

To install the latest pre-release use the following command: npm install smelt-cli@pre -g

Warning; there will be bugs! Pre-release versions of Smelt are used to test out new features that may break things, and may change in the future. Please report any issues on the Smelt Github project.

1.2.0 Pre-releases

Version 1.2.0-pre3

Version 1.2.0-pre2

Version 1.2.0-pre1

!stats usage

   Usage: !stats <entity|block>
   For entity:  !stats entity <selector> <clear|set> <mode> <selector> <objective>
   For block:  	!stats block <clear|set> <mode> <selector> <objective>

   Mode selections: AffectedBlocks | AffectedEntities | AffectedItems | QueryResult | SuccessCount

1.1.0 Pre-releases

Version 1.1.0-pre10

Version 1.1.0-pre9

Version 1.1.0-pre8

Version 1.1.0-pre7

Version 1.1.0-pre6

Version 1.1.0-pre5

Versions 1.1.0-pre1 to 1.1.0-pre4

Example of 1.1.0 pre-release config.json:

		"ShowDebugInfo": false,
		"ShowCompiledCommands": false,
		"CopyCompiledCommands": false,
		"WriteCompiledCommandsToFile": true,
		"MinecraftVersion": "1.10"
		"StartX": 0,
		"StartY": 0,
		"StartZ": 0,
		"StopX": 15,
		"StopY": 15,
		"StopZ": 15,
		"Border": 1
		"DefaultCommandBlockType": "impulse",
		"DefaultConditionalValue": false,
		"DefaultAutoValue": true,
		"DefaultTrackOutput": false
		"EntityType": "AreaEffectCloud",
		"SummonFileMarkers": true,
		"SummonRowMarkers": true